The Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council is the independent organisation to assess and accredit osteopathic education programs leading to eligibility for registration as an osteopath in Australia. AOAC also assesses the suitability of overseas qualified osteopaths to practice in Australia. Under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, we are the appointed accrediting authority for osteopathy in Australia in accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law 2009. AOAC helps protect the health and safety of the Australian community by establishing high-quality standards of osteopathy education and assessment.



AOAC’s Constitution is the framework for how we operate. It outlines our system of governance, the powers of our Board of Directors, and the rights and obligations of our members. Our Constitution is a public document. AOAC is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Board of Directors and Board Charter

AOAC’s governing body is our Board of Directors. The Board is established in accordance with and governed by the provisions of our constitution. The Board Charter defines the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.


The AOAC Board comprises representatives from a wide range of stakeholders, enabling us to maximise robust expert and community input into our governance decisions. Directors are selected for their skills, knowledge and experience.


Click on the Board Governance Charter to read the entire document.


Our Board currently consists of the following Directors:

  • Professor Wendy Cross (Chair)
  • Pip Leedham (Deputy Chair)
  • Tracy Denning  (Osteopath)
  • Dr Danielle Baxter (Osteopath)
  • Associate Professor Patrick McLaughlin
  • Melanie Doyle-Hunt (Osteopath)
Board Committees

As part of AOAC’s governance arrangements and accreditation responsibilities, the AOAC Board has established three committees. These help us fulfill our strategic goals and meet our legal obligations.

The Board appoints a Chair and establishes terms of reference for each committee. Each committee makes recommendations to the AOAC Board.

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

Terms of Reference


Pip Leedham (Chairperson)

Andrew Frost  (Deputy Chairperson)

Associate Professor Patrick McLaughlin


Terms of Reference


Danielle Baxter (Chairperson)
Tracy Denning (Deputy Chairperson)
Rachel Adkins
Associate Professor Lainie Cameron
Brett Vaughan

Qualifications and Skills Assessment Committee

Terms of Reference


Associate Professor Patrick McLaughlin (Chairperson)
Melanie Doyle-Hunt (Deputy Chairperson)
Andrew Frost
Glenys Wilkinson
Douglas Wong
Lee Muddle
Shane Pritchard

Governance Committee

Terms of Reference


Melanie Doyle-Hunt (Chairperson)
Tracy Denning (Deputy Chairperson)
Professor Wendy Cross
Pip Leedham

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Statement explains our mission and objectives.

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