Program Accreditation

The Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council (AOAC) is the independent accrediting authority for osteopathy education under Australia’s National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.


AOAC develops and reviews accreditation standards for osteopathy programs of study in Australia. We then use the accreditation standards to determine whether programs of study for osteopaths seeking to practice in Australia meet the required education standards. All education programs leading to eligibility to apply for registration as an osteopath are subject to a national accreditation process.


Accreditation of osteopathy education programs is undertaken in the interest of public safety. AOAC is responsible for determining whether programs of study for osteopaths seeking to practice in Australia meet the required accreditation standards.


AOAC accreditation involves comprehensively examining education programs against relevant accreditation standards. Education programs that meet the standards receive accreditation.

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Review of the Osteopathic Accreditation Standards – 2020 & 2021


The review of the Accreditation Standards for Osteopathic Courses in Australia (2016) was conducted by the Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council (AOAC) and included three stakeholder consultations between October 2020 and April 2021. Each consultation included access to an online public Consultation Paper, inclusive of stakeholder questions.  A Synthesis Paper was developed in response to each of the stakeholder consultations. The Osteopathic Accreditation Standards were approved by the Osteopathy Board of Australia on 30 June 2021.


Accreditation Standards


The accreditation standards define the knowledge, skills, and professional attributes expected on graduation, and in broad terms how education and training should be provided. Quality accreditation standards are the foundation of AOAC’s accreditation process. The standards are reviewed over time to ensure they are contemporary and align with Australian and international best practice.  AOAC accreditation standards are developed through extensive consultation with our stakeholders.


Program Accreditation

Please contact us to discuss your intention to submit an accreditation application. AOAC recommends you discuss your intent to launch a new program early in the planning phase to avoid delays with accreditation. Please note the Osteopathy Board of Australia’s (OsteoBA) approval process is separate to AOAC’s accreditation assessment. OsteoBA approval is essential for a program to lead to registration.

Accredited Programs of Study

The Health Practitioner Regulation Law Act 2009 (National Law) requires a program of study is accredited by AOAC and subsequently approved by the Osteopathy Board of Australia before it can be accepted as a qualification suitable for the purpose of registration as an osteopath. The following programs are on AHPRA’s approved programs of study list:

Accreditation Assessors

AOAC invites registered osteopaths with the knowledge, skills, experience and reputation to assess education programs to become an accreditation assessor. You will be part of the accreditation assessment team examining the curricula for osteopaths in Australia. Your input through this important professional role is valuable in helping ensure programs meet required standards for registration.


If you are interested in becoming an AOAC accreditation assessor please contact us.

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